Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lost and Found

Photo by Vivian Maier

Vivian Maier was a street photographer whose work was acquired by John Maloof at an auction in Chicago. Maloof says the collection of over 100,000 negatives also contains over 600 rolls of undeveloped film. As Maloof tried to piece together the life of the woman behind the cameras he discovered she died only days before he began his search. He has found out that she was a nanny and was born in France. Please visit Vivian Maier: Her Work Discovered.


Anonymous said...

whoa, this an amazing story. here's a link to some more of the images if anyone's interested: http://www.vivianmaier.blogspot.com/

thanks for the blog.


Martha said...

I thought so too. There is also a link to the website in the last sentence of the post.


Anonymous said...

oh. i see it.


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