Monday, February 08, 2010

Strength in Subtlety

Burn by Kara Walker, 1998, Sikkema Jenkens & Co.

Kara Walker takes a close look at race in America and makes strong statements about what she sees. In this instance, her artwork is done as a silhouette and at first glance may not seem to be a harsh a look as it really is; her use of a traditional and mostly innocuous medium makes her message even stronger.


Anonymous said...


This is a question for the webmaster/admin here at

May I use some of the information from this blog post right above if I give a backlink back to your site?


Martha said...

Oliver -

I can give you permission to quote from my words but not the links I use in the post.

Here is the MLA format for citing a blog post:

In my classes I discourage blog as references in papers unless they are credible sources like a museum or university. Even though this is my blog, I would not accept it as a source in my classes.


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