Friday, December 17, 2010

Merry Masked Men

Gift Rapt by Charley Harper

Mid 20th century artist and illustrator Charley Harper's work can be found in everything from posters, calendars, and books of all kinds. He felt an affinity toward nature and animals and both figured prominently in his work.
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Lori Buff said...

Interesting image, this is a wonderful example of minimal realism. It makes me think about what our holiday consumerism is doing to nature. Maybe we'd be ok with more minimal giving...think quality, not quantity.

Fredericks said...

I like your definition of it being minimal realism with a good thought to accompany it.

A good blog. I have bookmarked it for future visits.

MetalSmitten said...

I didn't even see the raccoons at first! Very well done. It's almost like a subliminal message, since most people who see a Christmas-themed image don't tend to look at them very closely.

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