Tuesday, October 21, 2008


First Communion by Pablo Picasso, 1895-96, Museo Picasso, Barcelona.

Picasso's father was a painter who taught his son the skills of an artist at a young age. That allowed him to complete this work at the age of 15.

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ethel mertz said...

Wow--how unexpected! I was not aware of Picasso's very early years. Thank you for another great post!

Clare2e said...

Glorious- I always tell people what a wonderful draughtsman he was, but I'd never seen this beauty!

Jive Dadson said...

I think his father probably painted that picture. What kind of adolescent paints a picture of his sister's communion? Skulls and dragons would be more like it. Add to that the fact that his father was an academic painter and art teacher whose work seems to have completely vanished. By the way, I don't think the communion picture is all that good.

Anonymous said...

No, your comment isn't all that good---or well researched. See the other paintings of Picasso's youth, and repent, Philistine! He knew his stuff---a true child prodigy.

Marina Bancheva said...

Thanks for this pic! i needed it :D it's difficult to find Picasso's early paintings on the web!

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