Monday, December 03, 2007

Drawing What You Know

Sechs Kissen (Six Pillows), 1493 by Albrecht Dürer, The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Dürer created this drawing as a study of shading by using cross-hatching, but it is also a study in drawing drapery.


am said...

It was incredibly helpful to see this today. Thanks so much. I keep telling myself that there is nothing to draw . . . . of course that's not true.

ZZ said...

Albrecht Dürer, huh? I wouldn't have expected that of him. I guess I need to learn more about him.

masteroftheuniverse said...

Durer did a couple of interesting pieces that could almost be considered "Modern Art." Sadly, I don't own any of those yet, but I'm looking.


Gilbert said...

Lovely work, thank you for showing it. I like how the four Kissen almost 'push' into each other.

annndres said...

This picture show us how important is to observe, great post! Durer rocks!

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