Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Trumpted In

La Naissance de VĂ©nus(Birth of Venus)1879 by William-Adolph Bouguereau, Musee d'Orsay, Paris.

Very similar in composition to Botticelli's work. Bouguereau had a very successful career. His realistic style appealed to a large number of people. A contemporary of Degas and Monet; they even conceded his extreme popularity.


John M. said...

It does look like Boticelli. Beautiful.

john said...

As a master of the almost photographic realistic portraiture, Bouguereau, is said to have unwillingly ushered in expressionism and modernism.

After him, and some others in the Academic Art field, there was nowhere in Western art to go in terms of skill in portraying a subject in a life-like manner. Even the renaissance masters and people like Jacques-Louis David gave you a sense of the subject not being real. Newer artists could change the subject, but realism was a dead-end if you wanted to be original.

Irene said...

I've never seen this version before. I think I prefer it to the more famous Botticelli.

Thank you for posting!

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