Thursday, August 30, 2007


Cuckoo Flower, 1910 by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Hunterian Art Gallery, University of Glasglow, Scotland.

Mackintosh's insterest in plants began at a young age and continued throughout his life. Although he is most famous as an architect, his talent in painting watercolors should also be appreciated.

"Art is the flower-life is the green leaf. Let every artist strive to make his flower a beautiful living thing - something that will convince the world that there may be - there are - things more precious - more beautiful - more lasting than life."

Charles Rennie Mackintosh 'Seemliness,' 1902.


Hildegarde said...

I can't remember how I got here, maybe it had something to do with 'intern' who is making an overview of photographers, and you of art. Your blog is already some time in my pre-selection list, noted as 'interesting', check it out later :-) and so today I came back, and I see a watercolour that I like very very much. I don't have many words to talk about art, so I don't know if I will have much to say here :-) but I'll drop by so now and then, to enjoy and to learn.

Diana said...

I would just point out that the painting of the Cuckoo flowers is also signed by Margaret MacDonald Mackintosh (MMM), his wife, who deserves credit as well, since they often worked together on pieces like this.

Martha said...

Very good point Diana, thank you.

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