Friday, May 25, 2007

Bad Hair Day

Medusa, c. 1598 by Caravaggio, Uffizi Gallery, Florence.

Medusa has always been a popular character in art. The combination of female and monster seems to have been so tantalizing that most ancient and Renaissance artists had to take their turn. This work is a depiction of a ceremonial shield where the Gorgon is used to frighten enemies; a usage common in ancient art.


az_lender said...

Good to find this blog. It would help if you specified the dimensions of the artworks. I can guess that the Benj West painting you put up last week is very big, but this Caravaggio looks kind of small because it's not totally sharp, but it would be easier to evaluate the sharp-or-fuzzy quality if one knew how big the actual thing is, instead of just having a mental guess based on other works of Caravaggio.

Martha said...

That information is located within the links whenever possible.


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