Monday, March 12, 2007

Manifest Destiny

Niagra, 1869 by Albert Bierstadt, Wake Forest University, Simmons Collection.

Bierstadt painted panoramic, idealized scenes of the United States. His main subjects were places in the the American West which was being touted as the promised land and his beautiful landscapes helped to sell it as the place to explore and settle.

Manifest Destiny


Anonymous said...

Thanks Martha! This will be an excellent idea to look for to put in one of my dollhouses. I'm still working on that mid-Victorian! This will be very good over the fireplace!

davidmdelo said...

I believe there is a tendency on the part of contemporary art historians to "assign" motivations and "purposes" to past artists. Does anyone really believe that Albert Bierstadt pondered and then purposefully supported the concept of "manifest destiny" while he painted? David Delo

Martha said...

Yes, quite a few people believe that of Bierstadt and other members of the Hudson River School who definately believed that art could effect change. This idealiam coupled with the influence of the Romantic art movement in Europe combined to create his style. Although his work fell out of favor, he enjoyed a good deal of success for a period by advancing the romantic ideal of the western US.

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