Friday, January 26, 2007

Creating New From Old

Return of the Sun, 1986 by Odd Nerdrum.

Nerdrum is an artist whose influence lies in classic artists like Rembrandt, who prefers to mix his own paints and stretch his own canvases.He draws upon a knowledge of art history to create his work - he has done his homework and reveres those that have come before him, paying them homage and respecting history.


John Schoffstall said...

Interesting. Besides Rembrandt, this painting reminds me of both Blake's engravings, and Grant Wood. And Rockwell Kent. And even Hopper, a little. And the WPA artists in general. Has a very 1930s flavor, both Romantic and Deco. And Mannerist.

Okay, I'll stop.

Boggart said...

So, we reach out to the universe, to our individual universes, our own worlds, asking for notice, valuation, and all the time basking in the reflected sun of others. Are we real? Yes, but we are fragmented. Yet, our different selves each require attention, and at times even call out in unison to satisfy this need.

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