Monday, November 26, 2007

Small Details

Nosegay of Violets, c.1503 by Albrecht Dürer, Albertina, Vienna.

Dürer's paintings and engravings are still compelling and popular 500 years after he lived and worked. He is considered the greatest German artist of the Northern Renaissance for his paintings and most especially his graphic work. his skill came from apprenticeship in metalwork whose exactly methods made for highly detailed etchings and engravings.


Teresa said...

How wonderful! I have never seen a painting - only the etchings and engravings. It's obvious I've missed some wonderful art. I'll be researching more of his paintings this week and will add to my knowledge of art history. Thank you once again, Martha, for helping me in my quest of knowledge.

Boggart said...

Have you ever looked at Durer then looked at Andrew Wyeth's work? Personally, I find them hauntingly similar in technique.

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