Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Screen within a Screen

Winter Party, Edo Period (18th - 19th Century) by Utagawa Toyoharu, Freer Gallery of Art.

The folding screens of Japanese art served as architectural features as well as decorative.


Tricia said...

There was just a Antiquing special on PBS Channel 2 in MN, and they appraised one of those screens at something around $50,000. The lady had it in her basement when she bought the house. There was a little bit of water damage on the bottom and that was considered in this price! It was beautiful. And it was a very long one, Probably 9-12 panels.

slatts said...

It's amazing to see this "art with function"...and I wonder what was more important at the time. The art or the function?

Maybe with so much art interwoven into their culture it was seen no different than most of the product art we take for granted.

It would seen a shame/

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