Friday, October 27, 2006


Susanna Fourment, 1622-25 by Peter Paul Rubens, National Gallery, London.

A portrait of Rubens' sister-in-law, who was widowed by the time this was painted. Her sister was Rubens' second wife. Rubens' was the most famous and popular painter of the 17th century. His paintings of full-figured females have spawned the term "rubenisque" to describe voluptuous figures.


Karan said...

I was born about 400 years too late.

Mark Daniels said...

There was a television show on BBC called Making Masterpieces in 1997 in which the Director of the National Gallery in London looked at this painting. He had some of the museum staff take it off the wall to show that Rubens had added panels to the right side and bottom of the picture to make it bigger. You can just make out the slight colour change on the right and bottom of the picture. fascinating bit of insight into the production of a work of art. Even Rubens changed his mind.

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