Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Jeremy's Place

Waterlilies, 1903 by Beatrix Potter, ©Beatrix Potter Trust, U.K.

Most people have heard of Peter Rabbit and Tom Kitten and their creator Beatrix Potter, but they are not as aware of her botanical studies of nature and her accomplished watercolor paintings.


Mary Beth said...

aaaaah. Beatrix Potter. I have tucked away safely some very early books of a few titles - my favorite being Miss Tiggywinkle. Who knew I'd grow up loving to iron? But even as a kid I loved the lovingly portrayed scenes. Guess you know what I'll be reading tonight!

Anonymous said...

...and please don't forget her contributions to natural sciences! She was a truly amazing woman.

Martha said...

So true, here is a link:


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the year she did this piece! I have "dated" my dollhouse to the 1904-1905 span, so I could actually use this picture in my "ladie's sunroom"!
Guess I'll have to go back to all my Potter books also. Need I say that "Tale of Two Bad Mice" is probably one of my favorites?

slatts said...

Didn't I read somewhere where her whole "start" as a book illustrator began with some letters to a relative with drawings included?

This piece is beautiful!

Martha said...

That is true.

lotusgreen said...


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