Thursday, September 21, 2006

Goldie and Bubbles

Leisure Hours by John Everett Millais, The Detroit Institute of Arts.

Late in his career, Millais gave up the idealisim of his youth and the PRB and created very popular and sentimental pieces. He was also quite sought after as a portrait artist for his ability to create beautiful paintings around his subjects.


slatts said...

A most educational post this morning--following all the various links--to discover my own style has infulence of Mannerism....

Martha, I love your daily art history lesson! If art school could have been half as exciting.

Martha said...

Thank you.


MEC said...

Currently, the DIA has this painting displayed on the same wall as Bouguereau's The Nut Gatherers. The contrast between the girls in the two paintings is evocative.

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