Wednesday, September 27, 2006


La Belle Iseult, 1858 by William Morris, The Tate Modern, London.

The model for this work is Jane Burden who later became the wife of William Morris and lived with him at Red House. Note his emphasis on the design and detail in the room, he later gave up painting in favor of interior design and was very successful with Morris & Co.


Boggart said...

Oh, what a lovely dress. I wonder how much of it is period, and how much is Victoria interpretation of what was.

Martha said...

Good question, I am sure Victorian exaggeration would enter into it quite a bit. Although when you look at something like this Book of Hours You can see that pattern and decoration played a huge role in royal courts.

I think that is the difference people like Morris would not have been able to afford such expensive fabrics in such abundance in the middle ages.

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