Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Working Artist

The Long Awaited Day Finally Came, 2004 by Holly Lane, Forum Gallery, Inc.

A working artist whose fantastic artwork is fit into her intricate hand-made frames. Her frame style is so rich and detailed, while her paintings have a distinctly surreal look. Lane was born in Cleveland and went to school in California.


slatts said...

Where frame and art end and start....Fantastic indeed!

Anonymous said...

Gorgoeous work - Holly Lane is quite impressive in that she combines painting, sculpture and architecture, albeit in a miniature format. The painting part of the artwork reminded me of Brad Aldridge's triptych work. Especially a painting called The Intricacy of Beauty. But on further examination - I see now that her works are much more surreal.

Jerry said...

Whenever there is art that blurs the edges of definitions, it's usually very interesting, as in this case. I'd be interested to see this one in person one day - or other works of hers.

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