Monday, August 07, 2006

A Strong Enemy

Dying Gaul, Roman Copy from Greek Bronze, 230-220 BC, Capitoline Museum, Rome.

The work was commissioned for the Altar at Pergamon and was commissioned by Attolos I in honor of the Roman victory over the Gauls. The enemy was depicted in a noble manner so it could be shown that they had defeated worthy adversaries.


Bobo said...

I have actually stood before this statue many, many times. The photo is fantastic but it does not justice to how beautiful this statue really is. My mother often referred to me as they dying Gaul when I would lounge around the house doing nothing all

Anonymous said...

I think you meant adversaries, rather than advisories. And its "altar" not "alter." Sorry to nitpick, but things like this bug me when they're perpetrated by educated people.

Martha said...

I did. I apologize for my mistakes.


Anonymous said...

This work of art has it all - depth of emotion, humanity, it makes one contemplate life and the history of mankind. The artist was a master and a person of great spirituality.

PS: let's not pick on Martha - she goes through a lot of effort to present us with such an incredible range of images to entertain, teach and enlighten us. —ZAC

Anonymous said...

I very much appreciate Martha and this web page. I also appreciate corrections delivered directly providing the opportunity to learn from them. Having a supportive editor is much better than leaving errors in place. So thank you to those noticing and thank you Martha for correcting them, ensuring a higher-quality experience for all.

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