Sunday, August 20, 2006

Plein Air

Where the Eagles Soar (date unknown) by Franz Johnston, Art Gallery of Ontario.

Also known as "Frank" Johnston, he was a member of The Group of Seven but loosely associated after he moved to the United States in 1910. His work concentrates on the wilderness around Northwest Ontario.

Plein Air


Speechless said...

WHen I glanced at this first, I thought it was N.C.Wyeth. The sky and the clouds look a lot like some of his things. Also a little like some of the work of Ivan Bilban.

Growing up in the NC Wyeth neck of the woods (outside Philadlephia) his work is very familiar, feels like home. But with this, the size of that cliff made me realize, ooh this isn't anywhere round Philadelphia! Beautiful picture. Is it a watercolor or pastel? Is it an arts and crafts period painting? What year was it done?

Martha said...

The exact year is not known. Johnston lived form 1888-1949 and it is thought to be from the early 20th century. It is oil.

The location is NW Ontario.

Here's another view:

jmchez said...

Hmm? NC Wyeth? I thought of Maxfield Parrish (a paler version) myself.

Rebecca Grantham said...

Hi what a small world I live in Oh, I grew up on Lake Ontario.
I came here via a link on myspace, and here you have a gorgeous plein air painting.

All the best

Takeyce said...

This is a beautiful plein air. I aslo thought it to be pastel. Thanks for sharing, Martha.

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