Monday, July 30, 2007

Back From Vacation

People in the Sun by Edward Hopper, Smithsonian Institution.

Hopper is famous for the loneliness in his paintings and even though this is a group of people, the chairs are staggered so each person is alone as they enjoy the sun.


Marie N. said...

Have a great vacation!

These folks in their suit coats look to be sweltering. With the colors and isolation it looks the way I felt visiting Greater New Orleans 8 months after Katrina.

Sara said...

What a wonderful site you have here. I've just now discovered it, and I plan on returning often, if not daily. Thank you.

HT said...

The feelings of isolation - even in a crowd - and lonliness in many of Hopper's paintings engender the kind of gut reactions usually reserved for memories of major depressing moments in life. I don't know of any graphic artist who captures that mood better than Hopper does. I also know I could enjoy Hopper a whole lot more had there been even a glimmer of hope for the subjects in his works. Even when no people are represented ["Sunday Morning"] the harsh bleakness is overwhelmingly devoid of any compassion for human feeling.

lynn said...

There is an article about Hopper in the July issue of Smithsonian Magazine. I haven't looked to see if it's available online.

Martha said...

It is available online, thanks Lynn.

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