Friday, July 28, 2006


Seated Woman with Bent Knee, 1917 by Egon Schiele, Narodni Galerie, Prague.

Schiele was arrested and imprisoned for immoral artwork. His work was often more explicit than this example; his work is raw and uncompromising. He died at 28 from influenza.


Anonymous said...

The folds of her garment are much like the folds of a womans genitalia. Very subtle. She is inviting but demure. Probably how he liked his women, passive aggressive.

Tim Russo said...

this spring i saw an exhibit of his work at the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam. stunning work. directly in the vein of Van Gogh, which is why the exhibit was there.

Tricia said...

I knew it wasn't his, but at first glance I thought of Degas. It seems to have a hint of the Ballerina, mixed with a hint of one of the ladies bathing.

Teresa said...

How Interesting! While I can see Van Gogh and Degas influence, to me, it has more Toulouse. Especially the hardness of her face and the pose. I like it and shall look for more of his work.

Anonymous said...

Schiele was a master of capturing the mood and sexual tension of these moments with his unique illustrations of women. He was an artist that rose above the mundane and gave the viewer a treat - Bravo Schiele. —ZAC

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