Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Make new friends...

Hi to all my new visitors from Earthlink - thank you for stopping by (thanks to all the regulars too). A lot of you have asked about being on a daily mailing list. I don't have anything like that, but you can subscribe to YDA through a RSS feed. There is a link to one at the lower right side of the page.

Thanks for all your kind words about the site.



Anonymous said...

You have a wonderful site. A bit of beautiful knowledge everyday. Nice.

Beverly said...

Thank you for a site that I'll visit often. I was delighted to know that you are also from Cleveland, OH. I miss our Art Museum and your site helps during this time. Can't wait for our museum's grand reopening. My daughter and I will visit MOCA today.

Martha said...

Thanks Beverly - I miss it too.

Enjoy the show at MOCA it is very good. http://www.clevelandart.org/exhibit/exhibitDetails.asp?eID=113

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