Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Landscape of Steel and Stone

Radiator Building - Night, New York, 1927 by Georgia O'Keeffe, the Alfred Stieglitz Collection Carl van Vechten Gallery of Arts at Fisk University.

O'Keeffe's skyscrapers come from her time in New York. She was an artist whose environment was her inspiration and drove her work.


Anne in St. Louis said...

What a lovely painting! I had no idea Georgia O'Keefe painted anything like this. I have two of her flower paintings (prints, of course, not the real thing) hanging in my house and find them wonderful to look at, but this is just stunning. I have to find a print! So, you learn something new every day, if you are open to it. And also if you have access to great websites like this. Thank you, Martha.

Martha said...

You're welcome. She did quite a few buildings while she lived in NYC - she was so stongly influenced by her environment.


Boggart said...

And yet, do you see the flowers? The smoke on the observer's right is as much of a flower as anything O'Keefe painted. Then look at the top of the center building. The L-shaped petals, and the very top of the building is a flowerish shape, almost like a child's tulip. Is O'Keefe seeing nature in the city's construction?

Marie N. said...

I just found your blog--what a treasure trove! I'll stop by frequently. Thank you for posting.

surfsidekick said...

I have always loved Georgia's distinctive style.


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