Thursday, June 22, 2006

Controlled Chaos

Upward (Empor), 1929 by Vasily Kandinsky, The Guggenheim Museum.

This is one of the more controlled of Kandinsky's work. He used lines and shapes to create an abstract form. There are two shapes that resemble the letter "E" they could refer to the German title of the piece Empor.

Happy Birthday, Lyndon!


Boggart said...

Looks pretty unhappy - like Chaos forced to sit in a corner for five minutes.

Teresa said...

I usually don't like abstract art, but I like this for some reason. I like the color scheme - is very calming to me. I believe this is the artist that the Guggenheim sponsored? Or the lady (God, can't rememeber her name) that ran the Guggie had an affair with? Anyway, I find it interesting.

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