Thursday, May 25, 2006

Peaceful Stroll

Summer Evening on the Southern Beach by Peter Severin Kroyer, Skagens Museum, Skagen.

Studying the effects of light and atmosphere Kroyer captures a stroll along the beach and keeps it simple yet beautiful. Kroyer led a colony of artists in Skagans for a while. A stong influence early in his career was the Spanish court artist Diego Velazquez.


Anonymous said...

How calm and soothing yet with an underplay of danger. White figures walking into a dark, fearful background. So much can be achieved with such a limited palette.

Anonymous said...

A dark and fearful background? I dont see it. Its a glorious day on the beach. A bit msity. There is nothing malevolent about the background and the figures do not contrast that much with it. In fact they look perfectly a part of the scenery. Its masterful. Its beautiful. It is benevolent.


Anonymous said...

Didn't realize our comments were to be critiqued. I'll keep my comments to myself and just enjoy the art.

Martha said...

I like to read everything people have to say about the art and hope you will continue to give your opinions.


Anonymous said...


This blog is awesome and deserves more discussion of the artworks. You gave an interesting opinion. I gave a contrasting one. It is interesting to see the difference in reactions to art. Please dont stop commenting on account of me.


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