Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Long Trip

The Travelling Companions by Augustus Leopold Egg, The City Museum and Art Gallery Birmingham England.

Egg was an actor and his dramatic training shows in his artwork. He painted subjects from literature. He was a close friend of Charles Dickens and performed in his stage productions.

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Martha said...


My office blocks access to blogs, so i have to send my comment this

I like paintings that use distant landscapes to give them depth.
'The Travelling Companions' would be flat and cramped without the
water, and hills in the background. Sometimes artists just put a scrap
landscape in a corner which is all it takes to give a painting depth.
I noticed it throughout Andrew Wyeth's work, I found the device used in
lot of art work.

I enjoy your website and hope you can stick with it.
(alas, everything takes time!)


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