Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Weeping Woman, 1937 by Pablo Picasso, Tate Gallery, London.

Picasso did a series of "Weeping Women" where their faces and emotions are broken-up by grief and the cubist style of creating an image out of a series of planes.


articleworld said...

Check out this introduction article on Pablo Picasso:
2.Blue Period to Synthetic Cubism
3.Picasso's women
4.Picasso in film

Anonymous said...

Its monstrous, as usual, with Picasso.

Brian said...

always found that painting disturbing

Anonymous said...

Although I think this portrayal is hideous, I wonder did he use the green and yellow to portray jealousy and biliousness? She seems more angry than grieved. Good use of color.

Anonymous said...

I dont likie that painting

Grace Elliott said...

True about the colours. But usually picasso focused on utilising planes of structure as opposed to the distraction of colour, however i agree that this colours create drama which was usually what he wanted to achieve. Such a weirdly minded man but fantastic.

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