Friday, January 25, 2008

Closer to God

The Builders, 1950 by Fernand Leger, Musee National Fernand Leger.

A follower of the Cubist movement, elements of it can be seen in this work of workers on a high rise. He was trained in an architect's office where he could study construction firsthand. Starting in the late 1920's through the 1950's America experienced an unprecedented growth in skyscrapers as the architects and moguls competed to make taller and taller structures.


John Schoffstall said...

I'm seeing an anticipation of Pop Art, as much as Cubist resonances. The flat colors and heavily outlined style remind me of comics, and Roy Lichtenstein.

am said...

I see a connection between this and the Builders series by Jacob Lawrence, one of my favorite artists.

MD Encolpius said...


Anonymous said...

Nice blog, maybe you could increase the size and resolution of the images you post though.

Martha said...

Thank you for visiting and for the compliment. I always try to include a link where you can find the image at a larger resolution, but because of copyright and space issues on my server, I post low res images.


Art is for everyone said...

I like the populist nature of this piece. makes the common job, seem fascinating.

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