Monday, April 17, 2006

Spot On

Sunday Afternoon on the Island of Grand Jatte
by Georges Seurat, Art Institute of Chicago.

Seurat did preparatory drawings everyday for six months getting ready to paint this picture of people relaxing on a day off. The style is called Pointillism and involves using color dots to create the image. Who knows how Seurat would have refined the style he invented if he had not died at the age of 32.

Happy Birthday, Mom!


buttergun said...

From what I know of Seurat, this painting is rumored to have contributed to his early death. He worked on it maniacally for hours on end in unbearable heat and kept himself notoriously undernourished because he didn’t want to take time away from painting for meals. As a result his immune system may have been affected and although there it is still some speculation people think he died of some combination of a heart and upper respiratory infection. A huge loss for the history of painting for sure.

Roy said...

The BBC broadcasted a very interesting documentary about the painting yesterday, i've sort of transcibed the best bits on my blog... Great to hear the story behind it! The series on the BBC is called The Private Life Of A Masterpiece, if you can catch it, you should try to. Next Saturday Gustav Klimt's The Kiss is up.

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