Wednesday, March 28, 2007

It's Not Gotten Better, It's Gotten Worse

Just What Makes Today's Homes, So Different, So Appealing? , 1956 by Richard Hamilton, Kunsthallie, Tubingen.

Hamilton's collage about overblown 1950's consumerism also hailed the use of the word Pop in reference to art. He is still an innovator, creating his new art with computers.


Anonymous said...

Not to be a wet blanket, but I know I've seen this exact post before, annoying comma-on-the-next-line and all. Interesting that it's in the Google cache in a post dated April 13, 2006, but it has been removed from your own April 2006 archives. What gives? Why the duplicate/removed posts?

Martha said...

Lack of time and it bears repeating - my other choice is to pull the site since I no longer have time to publish a "fresh" post every day. Frankly most of the visitors are one time visitors who come to the site via google images.


Boggart said...

Really? I come when I can, and always enjoy seeing what you post, even if the art isn't my cup of tea. Often you post images I haven't seen or thought of in years. It's good to see them again, and as for the new ones ...enjoy them, too.

Anonymous said...

It constantly amazes me how much time and effort people put into whining about things that don't impact them one bit.

Martha, I love to come to your site everyday to see what you have put up. It is a daily reminder to smell the roses and my only disappointment is when I don't make time to check in.

To you whiners: shut up or put up. Go start and spend your time there, hacking each other apart.

I'm sure I speak for many fellow Art History dozers out there who sincerely appreciate the time and effort Martha puts into Your Daily Art.

Thank you Martha for bringing something beautiful, positive and interesting to my day.


Martha said...

You are welcome, and thank you for the kind words.


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