Monday, March 26, 2007


Kitchen by Liza Lou, Collection of Eileen and Peter Norton.

I work with beads myself and I find these bead covered surfaces by Lou to be endlessly fascinating. The entire surface is covered in beads, or created with beads. Lou did the beading for this piece herself and it took five years it is roughly 12' x 13' x 8.'


Jerry said...

This piece is simply amazing in person. If you get a chance to see it go - Martha took me once - never again will you see a fully realized kitchen in beads, complete with a Capn Krunch box.

boggart said...

This inspires awe. The dedication to continue working with slippery little beads tha so easily skitter all over the place when least helpful. Plus to keep working and working, and there must have been times when the progress seemed to crawl. Wonderful piece! A tribute to the artist.

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