Thursday, January 18, 2007

Going to Church

Jesus Loves Me by Varnette Honeywood, Collection of Richard Brooks.

Honeywood's flat one dimensional style and strong colors give her work a unique look. She has done a lot of book illustrations, for which her technique is very well suited. Honeywood's work captures the varied experiences of African Americans and celebrates the relationships and traditions that bond the people and communities.


michele omiccioli said...

Very interesting. Stanley Spencer expressed with the same strength a different religious sense, not african but european and christian; a monoplanic painting that links Chris Ofili and the african culture (no kidding, I think his madonna it's more joyous than blaspheme).

Anonymous said...


"El Raptor" said...

Nice work. There's some real churchin' going on there and I like the HATS! Wouldn't be the same without 'em. The other works by Varnette are also nice.

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