Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Acacias, c.1880 by Albert Moore, Carnegie Museum, Pittsburgh.

Moore was influenced by the Elgin Marbles (Parthenon statuary which had recently arrived in London at the British Museum - where they remain and are the source of much controversy).


Ted said...

I am one of your 280 Bloglines subscribers. When I saw this piece it really caught my fancy. Searched for a larger version on the net to no avail, and in fact your blog was the only hit. That experience begs the question: where do you get the images for this blog?

Martha said...

The blog started because I had tons of art postcards I had collected over the years, so I started scanning them and posting them. This also accounts for the mostly random order of the posts. Here is a link to a better image on the Carnegie Museum's website:

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