Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Biting Cold

February, 1941 by Grant Wood, Dubuque Museum of Art.

Wood came to appreciate lithography as a medium late in his career. Many of his lithographic works were offered through the Associated American Artists project that offered the artistic names of the day through the mail for as little as $5.00.


Brian said...

Real nice! Haven't seen that one, and would not have guessed it was a Grant Wood.

John Schoffstall said...

Dearie, dearie, me. I grew up with that print. My parents had purchased it in the 1940's (?), and it hung on the wall of our living room for decades. I think my brother got it when the estate was broken up.

Seeing that image is like biting into Proust's madeleine...

Like brian, I might not have guessed that was Grant Wood, but the angular forms, sort of a collision between cubism and Art Deco, do seem characteristic of him.

Anonymous said...

wood is hard.

fillip said...

Looks like Wood to me - the soft way forms are simplified.

I always love the way snow scenes often look warm - such a funny contradiction, but wonderful. Like cocoa with little marshmellows in it!

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