Monday, January 29, 2007

Narrow Escape

Watson and the Shark, 1777 by John Singleton Copley, The Detroit Insitute of Arts.

Copley's historical painting tells a story about Brook Watson who would survive the attack and go on to become Lord Mayor of London.


boneman said...

As an artist, I occassionally do copies of art that I want to learn more from. One of the pieces I did was the Gulf Stream by Homer.
It was hard to do because every since that stupid movie (great movie, great director) I have an unbelievable fear of sharks. So much that I won't go into any water over my head. Not even a swimming pool (see the original Thunderball, 007 movie) and the Homer has easily a half dozen of the beggers swimming around the boat. I had seen this picture, Narrow Escape, but from the looks of it, I'm thinking there was no escape....
No way am I ever going boating on the ocean!

fillip said...

I think Copley is arguably the greatest painter of the 18th century and Watson is arguably the greatest painting of the eighteenth century.

I know I must sound crazy. But I intend to write a piece about it nonetheless! Lol!

H.T.and Designs Limited said...

omg i saw that at the DC national gallery about 2 weeks ago

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