Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Galatea, c. 1512-14 by Raphael, Villa Farnesina, Rome.

"As subject he (Raphael) chose a verse from a poem by the Florentine Angelo Poliziano which had also helped to inspire Botticelli's Birth of Venus. These lines describe how the clumsy giant Polyphemus sings a love song to the fair sea-nymph Galatea and how she rides across the waves in a chariot drawn by two dolphins, laughing at his uncouth song, while the gay company of other sea-gods and nymphs is milling round her." Webmuseum

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Anonymous said...

Looking beyond the obvious beauty of the subject matter. Focusing on the texture and color cast of this work is simply magical. It immediately transports one to Europe. This is something that none of the artwork since the 19th century is able to capture - not even accidently. —ZAC

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