Monday, January 09, 2006

Final Exam

The Architect's Dream, 1840 by Thomas Cole, The Toledo Museum of Art.

On my final for intro to art history, I would always include this work which the students had not seen before and ask them to identify at least five styles of architecture - it was fun and a good way to end the exam.


jmchez said...

The picture is too small to see clearly but I see Greek, Roman (both could be neoclassical) Egyptian and Gothic. What's the fifth?

Martha said...

Gothic. Here is a better view

I intentally keep the resolution low because I am link to other
people's images.

Martha said...


jmchez said...

I had already mentioned gothic. That's still four.

Martha said...

Sorry, they received credit for mentioning things like Greek Doric columns, or Egyptian Lotus-shaped capitals, etc.

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