Monday, December 19, 2005

Unexpected News

The Annunciation, c.1441-3 by Fra Angelico, Museo di San Marco, Florence.

Calm pervades the scene as Mary is informed by the Archangel Gabriel that she is carrying the child of God. St. Peter the Martyr (the patron saint of the inquisitive) looks on as she receives the news. Fra Angelico, a Dominican Monk, was known for his palette of pastels and serene depictions.


Anonymous said...

Oh- here's to hoping you read this soon and you have the ability to delete individual posts. 'Calm' is misspelled unless there's an element of a beach scene I'm missing here.

Martha said...

Ah, spell check, while a good tool - there are problems. I'm leaving the comment because it's funny.

Adam Harvey said...

Wasn't Pete martyred a significant amount of time AFTER the birth and of Jesus? Historical Inconsistency! :)

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