Friday, December 14, 2007

Let it Snow

Snow at Louveciennes, 1878 by Alfred Sisley, Musee d'Orsay, Paris.

Sisley was strongly influenced by Monet and also tried to capture light against the landscape.


Robert Tracy said...

This snow scene with a lonely figure is just plain good.

Thank you for showing it.


Bob Tracy said...
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Anonymous said...

Sisley is the only impressionist who painted snow scenes. He does not receive the recognition he deserves. Karen

Martha said...

Here is one more Impressionist snow scene for you.

Thomas Spencer said...

Sisley produced some really beautiful work. He seems, however, to have been rather fond of the device of a narrow path between walls/fence, with a little figure of a woman at the bend in the path to catch the attention. The artchive's section on Sisley has two very similar examples, "Garden path in Louveciennes (Chemin de l'Etarche)", 1873, and "Snow at Louveciennes", 1874. When I was teaching art, I used to use these as examples of one-point perspective. The views are almost identical, except that the season has changed. I used to joke that it must be the same woman as well, except that she had had to change her umbrells!

veverica said...

'Sisley is the only impressionist who painted snow scenes.'
This statement is not true.

veverica said...

‘Ċ kofja Loka in the snow’ by Slovenian impressionist painter Ivan Grohar (1867-1911) is further proof of anonymous' false statement.

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