Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Breaking it Down

Composition 8, 1914 by Piet Mondrian, The Guggenheim Museum, NYC.

This is Mondrian's interpretation of a tree after seeing the cubist work of Braque and Picasso. He eventually took it to an even more abstract level.


Digital Art Photography for Dummies said...

Great blog, i'm bookmarking it. Check out how I replicate some of this stuff using digital photography.

michele omiccioli said...

Never be afraid of abstraction... it's much more spiritual that one could think (also in Mondrian's case!)... think about Ad Reinhardt, or Newman (a name a destiny)

Greetings from Italy!
how you doin'?


Kumar said...

I agree. Have you guys seen work of S. H. Raza? Spiritual Abscraction! Do see...

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