Friday, October 21, 2005


Cat and Spider, c.1868 - 1912 by Oide Makoto (Toko), The Metropolitan Museum.

From the Meiji period which began during the end of the feudal period and when Japan was exposed to the modern world. An eclectic mix of the ancient mix of the two worlds.


Anonymous said...

I have the orignal Koto (Cat) on silk bought at yardsale how much is it worth donated to the met.musume in 1914 by charles s. smith

Martha said...

Good buy! If you contact the Met's Asian art department and send a
photo to them, they should be able to authenicate it for you, then any dealer or auction house could give you an estimate. I would contact a NY asian art dealer or one of the big auction houses.


nite said...

Is there any way to determine how many "copies" of the original are out there that have the label on the back stating "CAT Painting in ink and colors on silk by Toko...Japanese, XIX Century, The Metropolitan Museum of Art...Gift in memory of Charles Stewart Smith, 1914"...? I, too, have one, a gift from a friend who got it at a moving sale. Do these "copies" have any value?

Martha said...

The majority of the value of a copy is probably in the frame. The image is probably a poster reproduction on paper. The value would be purely decorative. If you believe you have an orginal, contact the Met or an auction house.

Anonymous said...

omg i have this same picture as well it's really big in a frame, and i think it's the silk one but i kow its on the japanese paper and i got it for like 3 or 2$$

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