Friday, October 05, 2007

Fall Colors

Autumn Leaves, Lake George, NY, 1924 by Georgia O'Keeffe, The Columbus Museum of Art.

It was in the fall of 1924 that Alfred Stieglitz divorced his wife and asked Georgia O'Keeffe to marry him even though they had been together for at least six years by this time. They visited his family's home at Lake George every year.


michele omiccioli said...

I knew her for her fabolous skyscrapers ... this leaf is a surprise

Angus said...

I have her flowers hanging by my computer. I have a large book of her flowers in my inspiration pile. I have spent time wandering through the museum website dedicated to her work. Didn't know she did leaves.

Ashley said...

Never liked her much. That's not too bad, though. Check out "Foxes" by Franz Marc for a better painting with a similar gestalt. A generation earlier too.

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