Thursday, September 22, 2005


The Kiss by Gustav Klimt, Osterreichische Galerie, Vienna.

The most famous artist of the Art Nouveau period is Klimt who sense of decoration and design made his artwork rich and complicated. The two figures seem to emerge from the field of gold, flowers and shapes.


Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with your analysis of him being "the most famous artist of the art nouveau period." I would say a more referenced and famous artist would be Alphonse Mucha. Take a look at how much he has been copied and repoduced.

Martha said...

Thanks for your comment. I would concede that Muncha was the greatest graphic artist of the Art Nouveau period.

bucci said...

I've got this at home in a beautiful frame. One of my female friends told me it was a rape in progress. What? Needless to say, we argued for a while.

Do you know of any reasonable case that this depicts a rpae?

Martha said...

I have never heard that interpretation. This is considered to be a love scene. I think she looks pretty pleased with the situation.

This may be the article your friend was referring to:

It was the time of Freud.

Anonymous said...

Martha, I once again have to disagree with your analysis. He was an artist pure and simple. Not a graphic artist, which, with the conotations involved pulls him away from the awe he inspires with his rediculous output levels and skill at traversing different styles. Try looking deeper at some of his work. You will see he was well versered classically and used his style later to his advantage. However, he did some works that will hold up through time as fine art, not graphic art.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, here's a link.

Martha said...

No doubt a talented artist. Thank you for the link and the input. I'll bet feature a Muncha on YDA sooner or later.

michele omiccioli said...

Trilion dollars question: who's the greatest between Klimt and Schiele?
I really don't know. But one thing can be said: in the similarity of their art approach and almost style Schiele seems to have major elements of comprehension of the tensions of their times. A little less decoration for Klimt (no need to intro A.Loos' arguments about it...) and he would be better understood nowadays, without that fastidious sense of "cute-ism" on his work.Postcards don't usually say the truth on him, I think.


Martha said...

The above site gives more information on the Klimt/Schiele mutual admiration society. They definately influenced each other. I will have to choose Klimt because my personal tastes lean more toward the decorative. Without a doubt, his decorative work is the more popular amoung postcard printers.


Anonymous said...

i run an art nouveau community on livejournal.

stop by, you might like it.

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