Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Howling Wolf, Southern Cheyenne, 1849-1927. Oberlin Ledger, Allen Memorial Art Museum, Oberlin, OH.

Plains Native Americans used ledgers as sources of paper to create artistic records of battles and other important events.


michele omiccioli said...

The real american culture? I like to think that the freedom of ex-ab is deeply involved in it. We all know how much Pollock reminded to native american culture. The figurative prairies of indian tradition as the adoration of the void, the white canvas, in Kline, or Motherwell?

2) Very decorative, as well as some new things around, but also as Stephence Lowry, for istance.

Hildegarde said...

I am enjoying the variety in works/artists that you show. I had not yet seen these ledger art. Regards !

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