Friday, January 30, 2015

Out of the Background

Salisbury Cathedral from the Bishop's Grounds, ca. 1825 by John Constable, The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

This one is a favorite of mine because the cathedral is so clear and detailed.


Adam Harvey said...

Is there a particular reason he kept painting the same cathedral from different perspectives? Is it just because he lived in its shadow and it was convenient, or was it part of his process?

Martha said...

"Returning time and again to the same subjects in an attempt to render minute variations of weather on the scenery - sixty years before the Impressionists - he literally revolutionised landscape painting in Europe. His insistence on truth and refusal to use facile, charming effects were a real shock for his contemporaries. He was compared to a mirror which reflects truth along with its defects. The attention he gave clouds and changes in the sky show not only the preoccupations of his time but also a stubborn determination to render the beauties of nature with scientific accuracy."

Adam Harvey said...

Hm. Thanks. Now that you mention it I've seen stuff like this before with photography, but it is alot easier to take a picture from the same spot than paint. I have to admire his tenacity.

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