Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Carhenge, c.1987, Alliance, NE


Mahalie said...

I've never heard of this...but having grown up in the midwest, it certainly strikes a chord. I'm curious how you came across it/thought to include it...

Btw, I'm a subscriber and (My) Daily Art is about the only feed I'm never to busy to skip!

Martha said...

I lived in NE for a while and made the trip to Alliance to see it in person in 1995. It is out of the way, but I enjoyed it.

I used to include it in my intro to art history survey class - a little kitch never hurts.

Thanks for reading and the kind words.


Anonymous said...

i love this, funniest art i've seen all week. i too do not miss your site
thanks so much

Steve FitzGerald said...

Hi Martha, imho, this Carhenge is so very sweet. I often marvel at how creative folks can look at something (stonehenge) and see something else!

All the Best,
Steve FitzGerald

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