Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Section of a Stencil from the face of the Main Ceiling Trusses of the Trading Room of the Chicago Stock Exchange Building, 1893/94 designed by Adler and Sullivan and executed by Healy and Miller, The Art Institute of Chicago.

The trading room from the Chicago Stock Exchange was dismantled when the building was torn down and reconstructed at The Art Institute of Chicago. The building was torn down in 1972. It was designed by the famous Chicago architecture firm of Adler and Sullivan.


Adam Harvey said...

I was at the Cleveland Environmental Center yesterday and I got the chance to compare some of their restored frieze-work to the deteriorated stuff. The building's basement was heavily decorated with an Egyptian motif, pretty cool. I was glad to see how much they had saved.

lotusgreen said...

this is so stunning. thank you.

can you believe the lack of respect, let alone awe, in this country for its treasures. imagine if europe had the same ethic

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