Thursday, May 12, 2005


Senecio, 1922 by Paul Klee, Kunstmuseum, Basel.

Klee taught at the famous art school the Bauhaus and was eventually labeled as a degenerate by the Nazis after which all of his art was removed from galleries.


Speechless said...

Klee=Play. And while I thinkit's delightful and satisfying to play with art as he did, and I'm sure he had a lot of fun doing his stuff, I've got to say I'd be bored to death if I was trapped in a museum of only his work....

It suupose itfeels like he limited his scope so much, just don't get a breadth of vision or vitality in what I've seen of his work.

Perhaps it's the problem of 20th century alienation, loss of confidence in the ascribed importance and meaning which so reduced his reach?

Does he grab you? Do you find his work compelling?

Martha said...

I agree with your thoughts on Klee's limited scope and while I enjoy Klee, I find Kandinsky much more compelling.

josh said...

Now see, I love Klee and could easily spend a day in a museum of his work.

george said...

"Entartete Kunst" is the German term for degenerated art. They even organized an exhibition for it in 1937.

hlohyoi said...

The Irony about the Entarte Kunst exhibit is that it has been hailed as the most complete Modern Art exhibit ever. In other words, if an artist was not included chances are they are now forgotten.

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